What is an Au Pair?

What is an Au Pair? Au Pair is a French expression that literally
means equal.

The Au Pair history
In the eighteenth century, wealthy Swiss families used to send
their daughters abroad or to another Swiss canton where they spoke a different
language, to stay for a certain length of time with a family.
The aim was that the young people would learn a foreign language
whilst acquiring experience abroad.
The official name was "daughters of the house" because
they lived in thehouse with the family, in exchange for helping to look after the

Origin of the term Au Pair
The term "au pair" was used for the first time in the nineteenth century in France, to describe.
the young women who went to France to teach English lessons to children of French families .
At the same time, the au pair wanted to improve their knowledge of French and especially learn good manners in France, much in vogue at the time.
The term " Au Pair "today refers to young people who work with host families in exchange for food , accommodation, health insurance and pocket money to learn a foreign language and know the culture and traditions of the host country.
. The term " Au Pair " ( at par) means to just work as an au pair and get something in return for her/his service.
This shows that the au pair programme is not based purely on money and that it is not even a contract of employment, but an intercultural exchange .
Integration in the host family as an au pair plays an important part in this process. As an au pair
you are not an employee but a member of the host family in effect.
Today thousands of young people around the world participate in this scheme, as it is effective , economical and safe .The au pair will live with a host family , where in exchange for a few hours of work per week (25 to 40) she / he will have to look after the kids, dressing them in the morning, prepare breakfast, accompany them to kindergarten or school, if the kids do not attend the
kindergarten, take them to the park.In The afternoon pepare them a snack and prepare a bath . In the evening you will always be free even on the weekend .
During your free time you can attend a daily college near your home , or spend your time as you wish
It is essential to live with a family ... and become an integral
part of it! become a brother or sister for the kids .... and have fun with them ..
live a unique experience !
meet lots of new friends and learn different lifestyles ....
and learnto accept them explore ??....travel
... learn ... and eventually take all this in your heart ...
knowing that you have lived the most wonderful experience of your life !
So Go :)